From Nuxt to Next: Why I Pivoted in My Development Journey

Hello! In this post, I'll be discussing two libraries that have been gaining traction and are frequently mentioned in the web development world: Nuxt.js and Next.js. I'll share why, after four years of experience with Vue.js, I chose Next.js and why I reconsidered continuing with Nuxt.js.

My Experience with Nuxt.js

After my endeavors with Vue.js, I leaned towards Nuxt.js to explore server-side rendering (SSR) and deepen my knowledge in that area. Nuxt.js provides SSR support for Vue.js. However, while working with Nuxt.js, I noticed that it lacks the expansive community support and auxiliary library pool that Next.js offers. Additionally, resources for learning and training felt quite limited.

My Shift to Next.js

After gaining some experience with React.js, I noticed that the official React.js documentation recommended starting with Next.js. Yet, that wasn’t the primary reason behind my shift; it was majorly because Next.js is built on React.js, has substantial community backing and a notable number of companies are choosing React.js/Next.js for their development. The rising demand for these technologies in job listings further solidified my decision.

Why Next.js?

  • Broad Community Support: Behind Next.js is a large community of developers from all over the world. This means faster solutions to problems and access to more auxiliary libraries.

  • Popularity and Demand: Next.js is currently a preferred framework for numerous companies. This translates to higher demand in the industry and better job prospects for me.

  • Ease of Integration: Being based on React.js allows me to seamlessly transition my pre-existing React knowledge to Next.js.

In conclusion, both frameworks offer valuable and unique features. However, given my career goals, project requirements, and the industry's demands, Next.js currently feels more aligned with my path. Of course, this can vary based on individual needs and goals. The development world is ever-evolving, and we, as developers, must adapt by choosing the most suitable tools and technologies.