Loss of Sensitivity: The Erosion of Social Trust

Humans have certain sensitivities. If you play with these sensitivities, eventually you disrupt them, and people start reacting to extraordinary situations as if they were ordinary. To better understand this situation, let's examine various examples from daily life.

The use of sirens by vehicles such as ambulances, police, and fire trucks, even in non-emergency situations, leads other drivers to eventually disregard these sirens. This can diminish the seriousness of real emergencies. A similar situation occurs in our workplace. Since we work remotely, our communication tool is Slack. However, my team members send me unnecessary and fragmented messages when they encounter problems in the software development process. This situation makes it hard for me to pay attention, even in genuinely urgent cases.

Economically, acclimating Turkish citizens to constantly rising inflation reduces their sensitivity to economic crises. This situation raises serious concerns about economic stability and welfare. Additionally, the continuous devaluation of the Turkish Lira undermines people's trust in the national currency, steering them towards more reliable financial assets.

Instability in the education system also weakens students' and parents' trust in it. This situation negatively affects students' beliefs in their academic and career goals.

Overall, whether consciously or unconsciously, playing with people's sensitivities can have serious effects. Carelessly tampering with human sensitivities can severely shake social trust and individual well-being.